//Feathered Masterpiece

Feathered Masterpiece

Day two and today we are dusting away those non-creative cobwebs… Today’s challenge is what we like to call “Art in Motion”…I don’t think I even have a clear picture of the girls painting because they were dancing so much it was difficult to get a clear shot, but that’s ok cause the memories are etched in my mind are forever… It was so much fun to let loose and just let go and have fun!!! The texture the feathers give to the painting is amazing…!!Although at this point I must put a disclaimer that some of my kids moves are suspect I am thinking we need more dance than art in our life ha ha ha ha, #justsaying ha ha ha ha…

When Judy from FunMammaSa inspired us to try feathers I immediately thought of the Tullula feathers we had painted with, but then thought mmmhhh been there, done that, we need more… Yes, you heard me and I know you are not surprised cause you know I am a more is more kinda gal ha ha ha ha… See previously we had painted with just one feather at a time, now I thought let’s go big…!! So out came the whole feather duster and we dusted away those non-creative cobwebs…!!! My advice for this project is have water on hand, because as well as dusting skills you need to break it down and shake your tail feather and that’s thirsty work ha ha… Cause let’s face it dancing and dusting go hand in hand…!

For a feathered masterpiece you will need:

  • A feather duster (ostrich feathers work the best)
  • Paper (we used a large sheet of paper to dance around but you can use any size)
  • Liquid tempera paint (we used Dala’s range it’s our go to paint for most of our crafts) We stuck with three colours but you can choose more if you like.
  • Bowl for the paints
  • Masking Tape
  • Music (Play your favourite songs and play it loud enough to get your feet dancing)

How to create a feathered masterpiece:

  • Squeeze paint into bowls
  • Secure the paper into floor with masking tape if you are painting on the ground.
  • Turn the music on
  • Dip the end of the feather duster into the paint and then paint on the paper… you can try swirl movements or splats or sweeps whatever you feel moved by…
  • Have fun…!!!
  • The results are stunning and perfectly imperfect!

Now that we dusted off those cobwebs hope your ready for day 3… See you tomorrow…!!



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