My kids have wanted a pet for the longest of time and there were so many talks about what pet to get, until we finally agreed they could have some fish ha ha ha. Yep that’s as far as I am willing to go hee hee, I am just not a dog or a cat person. When I was younger we had dogs but they were guard dogs, so let’s just say I was scared of my own dogs hee hee. Then one day a dragon egg arrived at our door from Just Fun Toys. Guys its official we have found the pet the kids were longing for, Toothless is definitely the pet for us! Forget dogs or cats we are Dragon people hee hee, yep I said it Dragon people! My kids are now dragon trainers and I am officially the mother of dragons ha ha ha.

To start you on your new pet journey you first off have to hatch the egg by removing the pins at the bottom of the egg, once you have done this you have to play with the egg to encourage it to hatch. If you tap on the egg it taps back, and if you shake and move the egg you will hear toothless making sounds from inside. My girls loved this part and kept squealing with delight and wondering when the egg would start cracking. Then we saw the green light appear through the cracks, the look on my kids face as toothless appeared was priceless. His nickname is Toothless but his full name is Toothless my boy ha ha ha, Mattea walks around the house continuously saying “Toothless my boy” ha ha ha.

Then the training began, there is a dial at the base of the dragon with different numbers which activates different play modes. There are so many exciting things he does, you can train him to fly and he flaps his wings, moves his ears and even makes flying noises, you can activate his plasma blast, play hot potatoe, he answers yes or no questions, if you roar he can copy you and roar back, you can feed him with a fish he comes with and he even makes chewing sounds and even a burping sound hee hee. The cutest thing is if you place your hand on his head he makes the cutest happiest sound, it’s the bonding touch I like to call it.

There is so much more to this dragon and my girls (most especially Mattea) have become very attached to him and he is actually now like part of the family. He gets cuddles and has to sleep next to them, and we have to feed him, take him with us where ever we go. So of course, as a fully initiated family member we had to make him a home, the girls decided he needed a castle as he is a dragon.  So, we took the box he came in and transformed it into a home for him.

To make a castle for Toothless you will need:

  • The box he came in.
  • The inside brown cardboard to make a fortress.
  • Muskin tape
  • White paint for base.
  • Coloured paint for decorating (use as many or as little colours as you like)
  • We used liquid tempera paint.

How to make castle:

  • The existing box toothless came in was the perfect size and shape so we used it as the main structure of the castle.
  • The inside cardboard(which comes with the box) I cut into into sections made the fortress by cutting in an up and down pattern, then taped the section to the box using maskin tape.
  • We then painted the whole box white first as a base layer then let that dry.
  • Then we painted using different colours.
  • Have fun.
  • The results are stunning and Perfectly Imperfect!

If you looking to buy a toothless pet this Christmas, The HTTYD Hatching Dragon has a recommended retail price of R1699.99 and is stocked at Hamleys SA, Takealot, Toy Kingdom, Toyzone and Toys R Us SA. Knowing what I know now and how much my kids love him, even if I didn’t get sent this as a gift I would have bought it, yep it’s for sure we are Dragon people hee hee.


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