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Awesome Bloss’ems

Christmas came early this year and we received the cutest blog drop… It really was like Christmas morning, all the tearing open the packet and seeing what unexpected treasure lay inside… I have to put a disclaimer here because I am always torn when it comes to toys because I have said it once and I’ll say it again “sometimes I feel my kids are over indulged and don’t actually appreciate what they have” (yes yes yes I know I am to blame cause I keep buying stuff, but sometimes the truth is I buy it more for me than for them, but they should still appreciate it ha ha ha). So although I am mindful about what toys I buy my kids, what I also realized is that I need to keep working on their mindset about how they play with their toys. Let’s face it because they have so many toys they get bored easily with one toy and move on to the next toy, then get bored with that  and so the cycle repeats. To break this cycle I am trying to get them to play in different ways with their toys, to discover new ideas and just imagine different possibilities…

So when this blog drop with “Awesome Bloss’ems” arrived at our door the first thing that came to my mind when we opened the parcel was “we have to create a little world, and not just any little world we have to create a fairy garden! By this point can hear you say “what you talking about Willis” (if you watched Good Times growing up you’ll get my humour, if not then you need to watch Good Times ha ha ha). So I hear you say “what are you talking about what is an “Awesome Bloss’em?” Well its everything you would need to grow your very own miniature doll, from a decorative flower pot, to a seed, to sparkly soil and a leaf watering spoon, everything in this set just cries out magic. Once you have planted your seed and watered it, out pops the most fabulous looking doll wearing the most gorgeous outfit, with a blossom on her head and that little blossom on her head smells absolutely divine. Once your doll fully blooms, pick her out of the pot like a real flower, and pose her to sit in the leaf spoon – it doubles as a leaf hammock when you place it on the lid! Set up a terrarium on top of the lid and decorate with the colorful chip art, then cover it with the glittery dome to display your doll! so now you asking “ok ok where can I get one and how much?” Well Awesome Bloss’ems have a recommended retail price of R199.99 and are stocked at Checkers, Hamleys, Lilliputs, Takealot, Toy Kingdom, Toyzone and Toys R Us SA.

This was the perfect toy to get my kids creative juices goings and get them into a magical fairy world. We had so much fun imagining and creating different parts of the garden and giving the Bloss’ems a place they would be happy to call home. To make your own fairy garden you will need:

Things needed for Fairy Garden:

  • Rocks/stones (coloured or plain it’s up to you)
  • Gem stones (optional)
  • Awesome Bloss’ems kit
  • Sticks (optional)
  • Pom poms (optional)
  • Fake flowers/real flowers (you choose)
  • Mini plastic toys to bring garden to life
  • Play dough (use as little or as many different colours as you like, we added glitter to ours for that extra va va voom)
  • Plastic planter tray

How to Create a Fairy Garden:

  • Fill the plaster planter tray with play dough, design it how you would like the garden to be. For instance an area for the house, a pond, any rock areas etc.
  • Then add the Awesome Bloss’ems pot where you would like the fairies house to be.
  • Then start adding the decorations around the house, any paths you would like, flower areas, unicorn play areas, basically anything you would like to create.
  • Talk and have conversations about the different areas and what is happening in this magical fairy world.
  • Have fun!!
  • The results are stunning and Perfectly Imperfect.

If you looking for the perfect miniature accessory to create a fairy garden then I can definitely recommend Awesome Bloss’ems, not only do they look like they belong in the garden they smell like they do too hee hee hee.

If you ever doubt about the importance of imagination then remember this “Everything that is real was imagined first” (Velveteen Rabbit)








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