//New Beginnings

New Beginnings

It’s the beginning of the year and normally I would start the year off by writing a long list of all these things I need to improve on in my life, like loose weight, gym more, no sugar etc… And if I am honest I tick off somethings but usually I just keep writing the same goals month after month, promising to start each new Monday (cause let’s be honest Monday feels like it’s the correct day to start a new beginning ha ha ha) … But this year I thought you know what I am done looking at all the negatives cause really, I can get down in the dumps about how much I need to improve on let me look at what I want to keep doing what worked…. And to be honest even though my kids get fed up of painting and go on paint strikes ha ha ha ha, setting time aside each week to do perfectly imperfect art really has helped us as a family…. Craig is learning to cope better with seeing mess, I am learning to be a less neurotic mom and let go, Maya is slowly learning its ok to make mistakes and not be perfect, its helping Cianna learn to share and Mattea is learning to eat less paint…! Progress people, progress ha ha ha ha ha….

So, on the top of my list was to have more family devoted time painting, exploring, creating…. See here is the why, I know everyone keeps saying yah its great you do that but its so messy..But with perfectly imperfect art there is no expectations of what the product should look so its time to just explore and discover together with the bonus that every piece is a masterpiece… The kids get time to make decisions without constantly being corrected about what’s the correct way of doing things and I don’t feel like a failure when it doesn’t come out like what I saw on Pinterest…Basically its like 20-40 minutes of the day when i don’t scream and shout at the kids cause they are allowed to just be kids ha ha ha….

So here I was armed with a new mind set to start with let’s do what we do best and paint and mess and learn and create, but know it’s the 39thof December in our house (cause you know it’s not January yet cause we will working on December’s money ha ha ha ha)… I know in the back of my mind if I had to say Craig lets buy more paint after he has just paid school fees I may possibly cause the man to have a hernia ha ha ha ha ha… So, I scavenged through the house to see what we could do and since we all know I don’t spend much time in the kitchen I discovered I have plenty food colouring and kitchen roll, and just like MacGyver we made a plan ha ha ha ha…

A little bit of science, a little art and a mini masterpiece was born hee hee hee…

Things you need for kitchen roll painting:

  • Food colouring 
  • Water 
  • Bowls (to mix food colouring and water)
  • Pipettes /Droppers 
  • Kitchen Roll 

How to paint:

  • Mix food colouring and water in a bowl 
  • Lay kitchen roll on the table or you can give each child one individual piece of paper, whatever works best for you…
  • Using droppers/pipettes drop the mixed food colouring onto the kitchen roll and watch the magic happen…
  • Use as little or as many colours as you want…

I took the pictures when the tissue roll was wet so it looks darker, it dries much lighter but I left them out to dry and then it rained so I had no finished art pieces…. The girls loved it we went through a whole roll of kitchen roll but it kept the girls away from the tv and for that I am glad, R25 well spent in my book’s ha ha ha ha ha…. Some pieces were just one colour but that’s part of the process and as long as they were happy creating and not whining they bored I am happy…. So here is my theory and bear in mind I am no life coach guru but this year be kind to yourself there are lots of things you do right a lot of the time so pat yourself on the back for those things and put them on your goals list to keep doing them…!!! Also try something artistic this year like Pablo Picasso says “it washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life…!!!” Wishing you a blessed New Year xxxx


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