//Art is not Optional

Art is not Optional

So I am finally back to writing…!!! It feels like forever and a day since I put pen to paper and life has just been up and down… I know I keep saying the same thing over and over again, I know you like please Marcia not again really..! But I can’t help it I don’t know why I have these up and down phases ha ha ha ha….But I am back and now finally I have come up for air feeling charged and ready to start again… I went through a period of a lot of self-doubt and questioning what is my purpose, what should I be doing with my life… Some days I feel that I am not doing a great job being a mom, then some days I feel guilt of not contributing fiancially, then it’s not feeling like I have energy, it’s just a whole downward spiral of self-pity.. Then I would feel bad cause I just don’t have creative inspiration and feel like half the time I am shouting at the kids and then we robots and one day just rolls into a week and before I know it the month is up again I question myself like actually what did I do this month…. We did do some art, but it was here and there and if you look at my Instagram feed you can see long gaps in between, I had just lost my rhythm and was paddling…

I chatted to my cousin and she said “just take a break, leave the blogging for a while give yourself time, relax, find time for you, it will all come together”… Now this is all very valid advice and so true as moms you do need that me time, that break away… But for my spirit this wasn’t enough, there was still a yearning like an empty void…I can’t quite find the words to explain the feeling, but it’s like you just existing… Nothing really makes you sad or gives you great joy you just exist, day in day out just existing….So when I got invited to join March’s Craft Month challenge by Harrassed Mom (whose blog I love, this woman’s sense of humour is so up my street ha ha ha)… First I thought I have no strength to commit to doing an art challenge weekly for four whole weeks, but you know what the universe does sometimes it sends you a kick when you need it… This is what it was with this challenge, and when I found out that Lexi’s Lunch and In these Stilettos would be in on the challenge, two blogs I love to follow I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.. I am so grateful I didn’t because we needed this…..

The challenge is all about recycling waste you have in the house and having seen how much fun my kids had with box play I was so ready to try the anti-waste challenge…First up was yoghurt pots I couldn’t for the life of me think what to do with these things ha ha ha ha… But when Maya came home excited about a friends Space theme party and can we read about space and learn more I though eureka lets make aliens..!!! Guys this blog post contains no how to guide cause as we were painting I learnt that plastic does not like being painted ha ha ha (even though I first mixed the paint with glue), but its rather a blog post about do more, whatever makes you happy do more of  that…So often we avoid or take a break from things that make us happy well in my case I do, for instance like running when I run I feel great but to keep my running is a problem I avoid it but why? Same with art when I am down I avoid it but why..? I can’t really answer the why but this day I was reminded of the why I should…. We painted and laughed and talked about our aliens and then went on to paint space when the aliens where done, and then the glitter came out and added some sparkle and soon we were covered in mess but the kids and I were happy… As we showered away the mess we laughed and they carried on being aliens it was one of those moments you want to lock in a box and never forget, in fact I only manged to take a few pictures cause we were having so much fun… And as I lay my head to rest that night I realized this is what my soul needs, more of this perfectly imperfect art not a break but more… Probably if I ran too that would help my soul but hey thats another blog post for another day ha ha ha ha…

So the moral of this blog post is paint and plastic don’t really gel well ha ha hah and also do more of what ever makes your soul happy… I am excited for the next three weeks of challenges and hope you will find inspiration too.. Follow Harassed Mom, Lexi’s Lunch and inthesestilettos to see what they got up to with yoghurt pots….See you next week I will be back it’s a promise I made to myslef ha ha ha 


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