//Spiral Sculptures

Spiral Sculptures

A little while back we started our friendship tree and I just love the cup sculptures we created, but you know me after a while I am like mmmmhhh we need more ha ha ha ha… So, when we got the brief that Day 3 was spirals on the art challenge I thought that’s it that’s what our tree needs…!!! In case you forgot we made a friendship tree after we were inspired by watching the movie Thomas and Friends..! Big World..! Big Adventures..! The movie was all about how important it is to have good friends and so the idea of having a friendship tree in our garden was born..Our tree was inspired by Dave Chihuly and his work is so organic and has these beautiful shapes and spirals so this project was the perfect addition to our tree…

One of Maya’s best friends from school came for a play date so we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to add to our friendship tree… So, at the time the instructions from Pinterest suggested using Sharpie markers but at R400 a pop I knew my budget needed to think of plan b… Dala liquid tempera is always my go to cause its water based and just so easy to wash off afterwards, but I knew that it would wash off the bottles easily too, so I thought I could cheat the process by adding some all-purpose children’s glue to the paint in order to make it stick to the bottles… So, this is where I have to tell you my plan did not work ha ha ha ha when the time came to cut the bottles into spirals the paint just kept flaking off the bottle’s ha ha ha, and I know after the first rain the wont be any paint on the bottles ha ha ha… But, the spiral bottles with what paint was left on them hanging in the tree are still just so beautiful…

This post doesn’t have a how to and what do you need to do it cause I am still trying to figure out what’s what ha ha ha… I have a feeling that acrylic paint would work well but it’s such a mission to get off after painting with the kids…But I will say this with how the bottles move when the wind blows and the light that is passing through the bottles they are just gorgeous hanging on the tree, I will keep them on and just try to find a better paint solution then I will be reporting back…!!! I still think there is space for more bottle on the tree so we will be doing this project again… I thought I’d still share pictures of the day, the kids had so much fun, this friendship tree really is my favourite, its really creating such wonderful memories…


So looks like we have another reason to have a play date by ours, Maya is already drawing up her list of her million friends that need to come, Cianna is asking are we buying apple juice and sweets, and Mattea well Mattea is just following her sisters where ever they go she is goes too…! Hope you are inspired to do some up cycling art projects or are a little more convinced now about having a friendship tree..




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  1. Shingai October 17, 2018 at 6:55 am - Reply

    Wow well done Marcia, this is beautiful memories you are creating for your kids and the friends. this is beautiful.

    • MarciaS October 17, 2018 at 9:07 am - Reply

      Thank you for letting Paul come it was so special for Maya having him over, can’t wait more play dates xx

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