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So now I am in that space, you know where you feeling good about yourself cause you working out and thought I need to spice things up a bit..!! So while I was with Maya and her cousins at bounce (a trampoline park) I saw they do aerobics classes and thought mmmhh that could be fun, why not..?? Maya jumps the whole hour and still has tones of energy after so how bad can it really be…. First I went with a group of moms from Maya’s class, then I went with Craig…I had learnt my lesson after the first class but Craig didn’t believe how bad it could be, as they say seeing is believing so I took him to see ????

It’s complicated to explain this class it’s the excitement of being a kid again and jumping on trampolines mixed with the fear of death as the exercising causes ones heart rate to exhilarate far beyond the norm… Let’s just say Craig also felt the bounce burn you get in places you didn’t know even had muscles, his picture speaks a thousand words ha ha ha ha

Here’s a word from the wise if you planning a bounce aerobics trip:

• If you’re a female wear a good sports bra, like a really good supportive sports bra

• If you have a butt like mine get a sports bra for your butt.. or tape it or bandage it.. You get the point ?????

• Go with friends or a companion, the class is better when you have someone to laugh with or laugh at ???..! Either way the laughing is the best part of the class

• Water… brings lots of it to drink

• There is a need to pee constantly (I blame natural birth for this ?????)

• Kids make it look easy don’t be fooled it really isn’t as easy as they make it seem ?

• If there is a coffee shop or a restaurant near your bounce centre stop there and have a drink with who ever you went with.. Catching up with the moms after bounce helped me to feel better about so many things… It made me realize that am not alone we all have our struggles in different ways but we all doing the best we know how..It’s good for the soul..!

This got me thinking it would be fun to add some art in motion ideas with the girls.. So I decided to start with “Bouncy Art”…

We grabbed all the bouncy balls we could find in the house dipped them in paint and let the bouncing balls create a “Perfectly Imperfect Masterpiece..!!”

Here is what you need for Bouncy Art:

• Bouncy Balls (tennis balls, rubber balls, plastic balls that bounce, we even used those spiky balls that bounce with a glow light in them).. Any ball that bounces is perfect to use..

• Dala liquid tempera paint

• Bowls for paint

• Large pieces of paper (even newspaper would work)

• Maskin tape to secure paper to floor

• Put the kids in clothes you don’t mind being messy cause it gets real messy

• Do it in an area you don’t mind getting messy cause the floors and when the balls bounce could mean walls get dirty

•Have water and towels close by to wash when done

How to make Bouncy Art :

• Secure the paper down to the floor with Muskin tape

• Put paint in bowls and then place the balls in the different paint colours

• Let the kids bounce the balls onto the paper… The prints and splatters they make are so interesting… Half the time will be spent fetching balls that’s normal too ha ha ha ha

• Let them experiment with how they want the ball to move… After bouncing got boring Cianna started kicking the balls around the paper and maya started rolling… Each action just added to the dimension of the painting… They played soccer on the paper trying to score goals, basket ball with tennis balls, Cianna used some as curlers for her hair ?

In the end they just got down and dirty and wanted to mix colours again, Roll in the paint, walk in the paint and that’s fine too… It was a rainy day so I was grateful for an outside shower provided by Mother Nature and sent the kids out into the rain to wash off..!! I put a bucket with warm water Incase they needed extra water..Then put them into a warm bath, warm pajamas, fed them, read story and bed… We were truly all bounced out…!!

I am wishing you a fabulous weekend followed by an amazing week that is so good you have that extra bounce in your step..!! Just be careful if you go for bounce aerobics you may have a limp in your step rather than a bounce ???? don’t say I didn’t warn you ???



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  1. cdgjblog March 3, 2018 at 3:20 pm - Reply

    Oh wow I am definitely going to try this art project with the kids. This looks like so much fun.
    I will have to come to a bounce class with you Marcia.

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