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ohh my goodness it has taken me forever and a day just to get this blog post done..!! I am such a creature of habit and slip into my old ways in the blink of an eye.. Here’s a good example at the end of the Two Oceans 21.1km race there was a can of ice cold coke they were offering the runners, this can quenched my thirst like you cant believe..! Moet and Chandon had nothing on that can of coke it was pure heaven in a can, but as usual that triggered my need for sugar, so every other day was filled with coke, gummy bears, 5 spoons of sugar in my tea, the chain reaction had begun..! Training took a back seat, I convinced myself with every excuse not to run… Honestly running is such hard work for me no matter how hard I train it never gets easier, I have to keep fighting the battle in my mind that tells me its tired or its too difficult, I have to keep saying you can do this keep going… The bottom line is running isn’t easy for me, don’t get me wrong I feel great after I have run but to get there is a big mental battle… Also after being in holiday mode it was so hard to switch back to my old routine of doing art things with the girls, so it was back to using the tv as a babysitter… The whole reason I started this blog was to have purposeful time once a week where I do something with the girls not just let the weeks pass us by… I get so cross with myself for slipping back into my old ways but its so hard to break out that funk once I am in it….

But then I got a phone call from a friend who needed a favour, this was just the kick up the ass I needed..! She asked if we could watch Mia for the afternoon as she had to attended a course… That was easy enough to do, then the panic set it…! I can’t put someone else’s kids in front of the tv ? I need to come up with ideas to keep the girls busy and it needed to be fun…I want kids to have fun when they come over not go home complaining they were bored to death ha ha ha…. So I needed something fun, something we could do with what we already had as the play date was the next day, something that would include Cianna being able to do as you know she would not want to miss out ha ha ha…Thank goodness Pintrest came to the rescue with this Keith Haring inspired activity.. He uses body image outlines and it has the most stunning effects, see below:

This is what you need for a Keith Haring body image activity:

  • Paper large enough to fit the body image of a the child you drawing.
  • Dala Liquid tempera paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Bowls for paint
  • Marker pen for outline of body

How to make a Keith Haring body image:

  • Let the child lie on the paper in the pose the would like you to outline (Maya choose a ninja of course ??ha ha ha ha)
  • Outline the body image using a marker.
  • Allow them to paint the paper any way they would like.
  • If they need help, help them to outline the body with black paint once they have finished painting.
  • Add action lines around the painting, squiggles or lines bring the painting to life.

This activity actually made me miss teaching so much, I thought this is such a wonderful activity for teachers to do while they are introducing body images to the kids.. It can be suited to older or younger children… I could just picture my class with these life size kid images in different poses it would be stunning… What I love the most is that it doesn’t have to be the correct skin tone, or where are the ears, eyes or nose, without all of these things, just the image of the body is enough… Its “Perfectly Imperfect”…. It was so interesting listening to the girls talk about their drawings, Maya kept talking about how she was doing karate in her’s and showing us karate moves… Mia was doing ballet and would dance, and Cianna well Cianna kept changing her mind about what she was doing ???ha ha ha ha…. The girls spent a whole hour doing this activity and we kept looking at some paintings by Keith Haring and trying to guess what they where doing…

Its moments like these that make me do what I do with the girls… I know its a lot of mess and am extra grateful I have Leah to help me, but its these small carefree moments laughing while we paint are really worth the mess… Mathilda thank you for that call, and thank you for sending Mia it really was just what we needed…!!!!It was definitely a blessing in disguise, so back to creating we go..!!! Next week I will be more motivated (said with bread and tea with 5 sugars in hand as I write this ha ha ha ha)…  ok ok ok Monday ill start (hopefully ha ha ha)….



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