Pajamas Day

The previous day it had rained non stop and now it was Friday and the rain looked like it was here again for the day… and with our girls and their weak chests and catching any cough or cold so easily I decided Maya should stay home rather than go to school ? Firstly I know how important an education is, secondly I know how much maya enjoys having a break from her sisters and playing with kids her own age….but I decided one day of no school would be ok, but by 9 o’clock and 4 cups of coffee later I had second guessed my decision after hearing am bored for the 50th time…

So with not wanting to go out in the rain and get wet I had to use what we had already at home…My cousin Tania had sent me a link to Pinterest which had a chalk activity, so thought no better time than the present to try it out..!

First off I must come clean… we spent the day in pajamas ?? We spent the first half of the morning experimenting, building, breaking, fighting, crying, laughing, changing nappies all in pajamas then after lunch bathed and changed into new pajamas and stayed in those till bed time… This i didn’t admit to Craig he just got home at 6pm and found his kids already in their pajamas and was so impressed by how organized I was that day, usually I am shouting to bath and chasing naked bums down the passage at that time ???

Ok confessions over this is what you need:

•Chalk or Chalk Pastels (we used both)

• Water in a container/bowl

•Watercolour paper

• Butter knife to scrape chalk

How to Chalk Paint:

• Pour water into a dish/bowl.. you don’t need a lot of water about half way full is more than enough…

• scrape the chalk into the bowl using a butter knife

•once you happy with how much chalk powder colour is in the bowl, you can blow of surface of water to mix the colours around or leave it as is.

•Place water colour paper on top on water with chalk and gently press it down… Maya also gently swirled the paper around and this also gave a different effect..

•Gently peel back the paper to reveal the pattern the chalk creates… this would be a stunning project for teaching space or planets I think..

Cianna got fed up of me helping her scrape the chalk and decided washing and soaking the chalks was a better idea ?????

The kids loved it and Maya more especially cause she didn’t need much help doing this…Later in the day she even asked for a butter knife and water to do it again by herself… but chalk painting can only take so much time, I was sent with a list to the shops and had to go buy ingredients for pancakes and popcorn for movies.. Again I wish I could find pajamas that looked like a tracksuit so that I don’t have to change some times and won’t get weird looks ???

This rainy day made me grateful for these stolen moments with my girls, popcorn, movies, art, pancake picnics (which they are no photos of them cause we were too busy eating to take pics), but what you have to know is they were Raphael red in colour and closer to the raw side cause am not the best cook ?????? My heart is full, thank you Lord for the rain… If you need a quick art activity this will definitely do the trick, keep some supplies in stock for the next rainy day xx



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