Birthday Beginnings

During the lead up to Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to clear out the art room and give some toys the girls don’t use to the church… So in my clearing stage and trying to organize stage a time period has passed of about plus minus 3 months where more than half of their toys are living in the garage and you know what -not once did they cry over a toy, or complain they missing a toy, or ask where a toy is…! Which made me realize the kids have far too much stuff… It really made me think if they don’t appreciate stuff they have now at 4 years old what more when they get older… So I decided that this year we were going to make more of a conscious effort to change, we want to do more memories or experiences rather than gifts… I mean after we gone all our girls will have is the memories we had together so there is no time like the present to start with creating more memories…

This is the first plan of action we decided on a family members birthday they get to pick an activity that the family must do together to celebrate their special day, it can be from motocross, to bumper cars to skydiving you name it if it’s your birthday we doing it..! (hang on, let’s be serious there ain’t no way I’ll be jumping out of no plane from my own free will, we shall be adding within limits according to Marcia’s specifications to the rule) Ha Ha Ha Ha… But the whole point is to spend us time doing something special we wouldn’t normally do…

Cause let’s face it as we get older the birthday routine is the same flowers, cards, perfume dinner or in the case of the kids its spur spur spur… So this year when Craig asked what I wanted to do I googled family art things to do in gauteng, then I came across this wonderful gem called Clay Club… I went in to look if my children would manage what activities they had on offer, with limited concentration spans we had to pick wisely… The ladies where so friendly and so welcoming and really made me feel at ease to bring the girls and that they would be catered for…They came up with the idea to mosaic a chalk board and when I saw the circle tiles they had in stock it reminded me of Gustav Klimt and I knew that would be the project just for us..!!

I hear you ask really Gustav Klimt what made you think of him… I just love his picture of the kiss I can actually feel the intimacy and love and that being one with the person you love, that never ending precious moment… Look at the pic below, can you see the circles and the flowers that’s what rang the bell in my head..! So you see it had to be done, our Mini Matisse ode to Gustav…

Our first session we spent deciding where to glue our tiles and painting the board and frame with black board paint… This took the whole session, I was amazed Cianna actually sat through the whole session and managed it so well… She was my biggest concern the concentration of a one year old can be pretty limited, but she was an absolute star…We had snacks, water breaks glued, cut tiles, more snacks (we food people the secret to happiness lies in being fed and watered ha ha ha)..It was as if someone was like you know what it’s her birthday this poor women deserves a break let’s give her the gift of a peaceful family ha ha ha ha…There was no fighting, no tears, no husband on his phone dealing with work issues or complaining he is bored is it over… It’s like the aliens came down possessed my family long enough for us to enjoy the activity and pretty much complete it, it was divine… The beauty I found about mosaic is that pieces just fit where ever they want to and it looks like it was always meant to be there or you cut and shape it till you get that perfect fit…We just made it up as we went along and every piece fitted perfectly imperfectly…!!

I would give you step by step instructions but I’ll leave that to the experts my skill level is still at amateur ???…I really recommend anyone wanting to do a mosaic course to go to the Clay Club, if you in the Gauteng area… They really made us feel welcome and they guided us through the whole process and we really felt relaxed and at home… Two weeks later we went back to the same warm welcome and finished the board by adding the grout and then cleaning it all off… I am sure they may still be some buried flowers under some grout, but we tried to rescue what we could ??

And now it’s finally up in our art room ready to use and the girls are loving it… How we didn’t have a chalk board all this time is beyond me ?

As we sat down to eat our pizza after class even Craig said it was a really nice day, and from a non art interested kinda guy that’s saying alot… So here’s to new ventures of giving memories as gifts this year, I must say if this is the beginning I am looking forward to what lies ahead… BUT I must add a big BUT if anyone is wishing to give me a Louis Vuitton voucher still feel free visiting the store counts as a memorable experience too ha ha ha ha ha, some habits die hard ?????


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  1. Serena February 9, 2018 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    So love your blog Marcia! Keep writing & Keep creating memories to write about Xx

  2. Wεทchy ¸.¸. ҉¨ February 11, 2018 at 9:53 am - Reply

    Good idea!

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