Surviving the Holidays

To explain my current situation of wanting everything to be in order and spring cleaning the whole house I need to explain where I have come from so you know why am going that way…We just got back from holiday and what was supposed to be a 10 day relaxing seaside holiday felt like an episode of survivor on a deserted island… That’s right 3 Kids under four took down two grown adults..!! It took us a good 4 and half days to find our feet and get into some kind of groove.. Don’t be fooled this groove meant the kids went to breakfast in their pj’s and had unbrushed hair (but brushed teeth, I had to have some standards ha ha ha), and then after that into the pool for their morning bath…!! Then costumes the whole day till dinner then bath then back into pajamas and then repeat… Where ever we went we drew attention thanks to Mattea’s high pitch scream, we were like a moving circus.. You know those rare attractions people pay to see, people would say “wow three so close, you very brave.”

I don’t know if brave is the right word, more like survive…!!! We don’t do brave we do survival, that’s us eat, pray, love, survive ?????? It’s one thing for your kids to cry at home, you in your environment you can control it, there isn’t a million people staring it’s not such a big deal… But in a resturant or a public place it’s a whole other ball game, literally after Mattea crying for 40min and me walking up and down on the beach I could feel the tears just rolling down my eyes…It’s the feeling of not being in control that made me feel so helpless… There were moments Craig would just look at me and say love calm down, don’t have a nervous breakdown, easier said then done I may add ???

And what made it worse was my disorganization, I was constantly looking for spare clothes or the diapers ran out or digging for the dummy at the bottom of the bag. I was just everywhere and no where all at the same time. I had another breaking point talking to a lady at the hotel… This lady can I just say in my mind was on point..!! She was having a conversation with me asking about the kids and all I could see was her prefect bun and her classic jewelry (emeralds I may add, a beautifully understated necklace and stud earings) and a long kaftan blowing in the wind.. My friend and I always chuckle about me noticing these things I am a sucker for this look, when I first met her at uni i immediately noticed her pearl necklace and earings and she was wearing this classic polo shirt and taliored shorts I just looked and thought wow she has style we can be friends???? now back to the Kaftan lady… So there she was graceful as ever and as I was talking I could just feel my hair frizzing with every second, my top was half being pulled down as Cianna was trying to climb on me and the stain on my shorts from Mattea’s mango at breakfast now became increasingly obvious in mind… I just felt like this hot mess of a mama…!!! If this was an episode of a make over show this would have been the point they stopped and jumped out to say I need a make over ha ha ha ha…

I did,however, find refuge in the Kids club they had at the hotel, and even though Cianna was to young to be left there, I could just sit and watch them play… The staff were so friendly and helpful and there was activities the kids could do, they were always happy to see us which was such a refreshing change from being starred at ???.. And it really helped just to have the help, half the time I wanted to move our beds into Kids club ha ha ha ha … It became out little sanctuary… The one day they were doing a moulding activity that really caught my interest, just tissue paper and water then pressed into a mould and once dry takes the shape of the mould then can be painted and decorated.. So simple yet so effective…

The above finished picture is another child’s from Kids club ours hadn’t dried in time so we carried them with us to dry and paint at home, but they got squashed and broke in the suitcase, again another case in point why my life needs organization cant even enure tissue paper arrives back safely ??? I added this so you can see the finished effect..

This is what you need for tissue moulds:

* Tissue paper

* Water

* Container to hold the water

* Plastic mould shape of your choice (it’s exactly the ones people use for the sandpit)

How to make it:

* Dunk toilet paper into the bowl with water

* Squeeze out excess water then press into mould

* Repeat until the mould is full

* Allow the tissue to partially dry then take out by just pressing on the mould.

* Leave to dry completely

* Paint and decorate as you wish

The tissue really captures a lot of details from the mould…As nice as it was I don’t know if we would do this activity at home, let’s face it tissue is expensive where we live can’t be wasting it on moulds ha ha ha ha… I took a lot away from this holiday there is so many areas in my life I really want to work on and change this year, not just written in the diary under resolutions but actual changes I need to make..! And the first thing is organization.. I need this for the survival of my sanity..!! This is my plan for organization and calm.. ziplock…!! Yep anything everything will be in a bag..!! Spare clothes for each child- ziplock, Muslins (my favourites..!!)- ziplock, snacks- ziplock, travelling first aid kit- ziplock… You name it am going to ziplock and pack it..!! That way everything will have a place and there will be order and I can find things easily…Hell I might even ziplock the kids too ha ha ha ha, ok maybe not, that may not be a good idea??

Watch this space.. this is my year..! New year, new me ok not new me but just slightly improved me in the horizon..wishing you lots of wealth, health and most importantly happiness this year xx


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