Shaving cream delight

So picture this I am on the organization mission and trying to clean up the house and be less procrastinating Marcia and more get up and go Marcia, when the kids keep complaining they are bored and they want something to do and it’s time for an art blog activity..!! Now to put it simple art and mess go hand in hand, and I am trying to clean up mess not make more mess ?? So took them to the arcade to distract them, but low and behold next day same bored story and so since I was broke (it’s January after all) and my Mini Matisse bosses had spoken- back to painting we went, but this time outside so I could just let them run through the sprinklers after to clean up and let the rain wash the paint away! I have some method to my madness ha ha ha ha

The kids loved this..! To be honest the weren’t even bothered about the paint activity but they just wanted more shaving cream to mess with and add colours too…The time it took for them to play with it, briefly do the painting, then add all the colours they wanted to, then clean off in the sprinklers gave my cousin and I a nice long break were we could have finished a large piece of cake and cuppa or watched a whole series on tv without being interrupted but it was too much fun watching them play… I love this activity cause it reminds me of how happiness can be found in the small things… We have actually done this activity 5 times since this day there are many reasons as to why but here’s my main reason…!

 This year I wanted to challenge myself beyond the norm and achieve something so big that one day when my girls say they can’t do something I can say I felt like that but you can’t give up, and give them the story of how I conquered my challenge…So I set myself the challenge of running the Two Oceans 21km this year, remember in the beginning I explained I am a more is more person: Well 10km is not more 21km is more, it was all or nothing… but I didn’t realize how hard it would be…

I have literally shed blood, sweat and tears..!! I had been walking/ light training and decided it was time to do my first race of the season… But you know me I had to do it in style, I mean people must know I have arrived..! Marcia is training for the 21km Two Oceans it’s a big deal and this required new gear.. So bought myself new gear from head to toe, if am going to run I have to look the part of course..!!! The brighter the outfit the better, I searched from Pretoria to Sandton for my trainers… The world must know I had arrived..!! Craig was so embarrassed he just wanted the trail ground to open up and eat him, he kept saying “Marcia everyone knows you not a runner your trainers are so new they are squeaking” ???? The gun went off and we started the race… Ohh my goodness the first 1.5km I thought I was having a heart attack, seriously my heart was so tight and I felt like vomiting and my ears were actually ringing, the fat on my thighs was itching, I was having another allergic attack to excerise… When I was asking the people near me how many km I had left, they had this look of pity on their faces, like shame this woman clearly doesn’t belong here.. You know like those people who buy an off road vehicle but never take it off road and then buy mud spray paint to make it look like they did, yep that was me in my brights luminous gear ha ha ha… But you know me never say die so I kept going… The last 1km I had this sudden burst of energy I thought I can do this, I can actually do this! Now being ghetto Craig and I where sharing a torch cause it was night and you needed a torch and we didn’t want to pay for two cause we had one already at home, I decided to run a little further and use the lady in front of me’s torch to guide me… Mmmhhh here comes blood..!! Flat on my butt,my knee and almost my face touched the floor… but with adrenaline fueled by embarrassment I got up so quick I think I extra injured my back…

I staggered to the finish line holding back the tears till we got to the car.. It was sore…!! The next morning I couldn’t even get out of bed I had to roll out of bed and one leg crawl to the bathroom…Tramacet and transact pads helped me and my bruised ego through the next three days… This is my advice new gym clothes and trainers does not and I repeat does not enhance your performance, infact if you have a lack of performance you can incur injury to yourself and your clothes as my trainers with testify with small holes in after the event..!!

It was so bad and i really was in desperation with how to prepare, what to eat, what not to eat.. There is so much information i just couldn’t filter through everything and find what plan worked for me.. My cousin sensing my desperation spoke to her husband and asked him to give me some tips (he is a marathon running, trail hiking kinda guy).. His message was filled with lots of practical tips and stuff about motivation but the part that struck a cord with me was when he said “it’s been one of the most rewarding things I have done so far”… That line brought out the eye of tiger in me..! Am going to try, I really am even if it means I roll down those Cape Town hills and crawl to the finish line…Now when I train I hear Rocky’s theme song playing in my ears occasionally when the ringing stops, and even though the toddlers on their bikes still over take me i can’t give up…

And for me this shaving cream activity has truly been a rewarding experience…We haven’t quite worked out which paint works best, what paper absorbs the best.. We testing the different Pinterest tips.. but the joy of watch my kids play with the shaving cream and get all messy and laugh and fall and throw it has truly been a joy… It’s nice just to let go and watch the journey unfold.. and I am excited cause I get glimpses of what a masterpiece this activity will create…

So here is here is what you need for shaving cream fun:

Can/cans of shaving cream

An old cupboard box to put the shaving cream on

Dala liquid tempera if you want to colour the cream

How to do the activity :

Place the shaving cream in the middle of the board or in individual spots or on the side or in their hands.. any where it doesn’t matter

Let them mush, mix, stamp, slide anything they want..

Add any colours your desire and just mix and keep mixing till you can’t mix any more… just don’t let them eat it ?

So the moral of the story is we haven’t quite figured it out yet but we carrying on with hope and a prayer we will get there… I have faith Pinterest will give us the shaving cream answer and my trainer will get me at least to ‘a stop wanting to vomit when I run stage’..!!! If you have 21km tips please share or even better if you have doughnut eating plan that really works for 21km runs hook a sister up..!!!

Here’s to chasing our dreams this year xxx


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