The calm after the storm

After such a stormy week last week one would hope that one would get a break just to catch ones breathe and recharge ready to start again… Ahh but as fate would have it I wasn’t that lucky….Thanks to back to back pregnancies or even if it had been just one pregnancy the fact remains the 9 months clears your memory of that time of the month…I had clean forgotten what it was like to have mood swings, be irritable, crave chocolate, have a pimple grace me with it’s presence…

Being pregnant I know is a hormonal time and things can be very emotional but it’s allowed you have a get out of jail free card to be as emotional as you want, you are growing a human being and that takes a lot on a person…After however it’s a whole other ball game.. Snapping at an 18 month old when they do something simple then dealing with the guilt after, then eating chocolate cause you feel bad, then feeling mad cause you ruined your diet cause you ate the chocolate..!! Ahhh it’s such a vicious cruel cycle….

I promise you I really don’t understand it we carry a human for 9 months, then the pain of labour, and if that wasn’t good enough we still every month have to suffer…I promise there where points where I am ok, then next thing feeling so overwhelmed and totally exhausted and almost tearful… Then the sudden urge to just organize the house and clean as toys every where is driving me crazy… Then back to snapping with the added threatening of things that aren’t even possible like “if you don’t eat the bird is coming to eat your food”.. really yes I said it a bird.. how a bird would miss all the things available outside, fly into our house at the exact moment we eating to take Cianna’s food, really what are the chances of that even being plausible??? I had to stop myself before I unconsciously caused more harm than good and created unnecessary therapy bills due to a developed fear of birds… ??

So I took some inspiration from Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel… hey if it kept him busy for that long, it was definitely worth a try..

It worked so well it kept the girls busy while I lay on the couch watching the great British bake off, but with a side eye on the girls making sure Cianna didn’t sit on, kick or pull anyone’s hair.. You know what the girls had a nice bonding session without me.. There was talking about their drawings, laughing, and if I am honest I think they were also glad to have a break from all my shouting cause they didn’t ask for me once???? It was a good down time for all of us…Even Mattea was mesmerized, she kept watching how they where drawing and wanting to touch the paper, the curiosity of a child is something special to witness…

If you want to try some Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel inspired art here is what you need:

  • A table low enough for children to reach while lying on their backs.
  • Large piece of paper. To wrap around a table.. you can also join pieces of paper.
  • Muskin tape or cello tape be careful which one you choose as if the table has varnish it may come off…
  • wax crayons (I didn’t use felt tip pens or koki pens as I was afraid of marking the table).
  • Pillows if they want something to lie on.

How to do it:

  1. Wrap Paper around the table and stick it in place with muskin tape or cello tape. The paper should be on the underside of take so if the kids lie on their backs they can draw
  1. Put pillows underneath to make it more comfortable if they need it..
  2. Give them wax crayons and let them draw to their hearts content,.

I actually left this up the whole day till the end of the next day and they kept adding to it when ever they wanted to.. This is the thing I am the kind of mom who feels guilty when am not with my kids doing something.. I am a stay at home mom and kinda feels like am bunking work if i am not with thembut watching them content under the table made me realize and I say this with a lump in my throat cause it hurts to say they where happy without me.. but hey it’s the truth sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your kids is to have that time out to recharge…

Reflecting back on what I learnt this is my last pearl of wisdom: Eat the chocolate if it makes you feel better.. it’s easier to jog 5km to burn it off then mend a broken toddlers heart or have phobia therapy bills…Ok ok yes you got me I won’t actually run the 5km to burn off that chocolate but the thought was there ha ha ha


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