Drawing with Scissors

You know you get those days when you think do I really have to get up today, I just want to lie in bed and become one with the mattress… then you hear mooooom, moooom, you pretend to ignore it but it only gets louder… so 5am wake up it is…kick in robot mode… morning my angels, breakfast, pack school lunch, stand by stove and think why didn’t someone invent pajamas that I can take Maya to school in and fit right in next to the mom in her gym attire..

Ahh well into tracksuit it is..Brush teeth, hair in bun but only brushed on top and smoothed to give it that appearance of being brushed… perfume so they don’t realize I haven’t had my morning shower… take Maya to school..home, shower myself and the other two and feed them, make lunch and before I know it it’s time to pick up Maya… still wishing I could be in pajamas.. thank goodness it’s Friday..!!!

So now we at Home and I’ll be honest I have no energy to do anything I just want a cup of tea, slice of cake and come dine with me on the tv…. so when the kids go down for their afternoon nap after much threatening about everything I can think of to make them sleep, I just vegged on the couch until Mattea woke up..but here’s the thing i let them over sleep… big mistake..! Rookie mistake..!! I should have known better but the peace was all I needed, that 45 min alone was what my mind,body and soul needed…so now it’s 5:00pm and they are up… I still have no energy to do anything much less cook dinner and in our house that means one thing: KFC ????

Kids are fed and watered and now it’s time for Leah to go home, hubby is away and my heart begins to fill with sadness and anxiety… ordinarily this is a calm time as the kids are almost ready for bed but due to lack of forward planning and wanting that 45min of glorious down time I have three wide eyed bush baby looking Kids… it’s only been 3 months having three and I am still trying to find my feet with all three alone by myself, and really I have the hugest respect for women who do this with no help..

It was too late and cold to paint

outside so I had to think of plan b: this is what I came up with “drawing with scissor”, something I had seen before and thought it’s a good time to try this…Henri Matisse made this concept famous, its simply creating art by using cut outs… here is some of his work…

I’ll be honest I needed the activity to be entertaining enough with the least amount of input from me.. and this really worked so well..

This is what you need:

• Scissors (we used different bladed scissors for different cutting effects)

• Card/Paper (Maya is still gaining confidence with cutting so card is easier for her to cut)

•Sticky back plastic

•Masking tape/Sellotape (we used Masking tape but it wasn’t as effective)

How to do it:

Stick the sticky back plastic onto the surface using your tape… the sticky side must face you.. peel off the back once it is secured with tape.. then cut out different shapes and stick…

This activity worked so well.. I could sit here and tell you all the benefits of this activity, cutting skills, concentration blah blah blah but the truth is my kids where entrainment for a fair amount of time, I didn’t have much mess to clean, or have to wash hands and I could do it while having a cup of tea and putting my feet up.. all I had to do was cut shapes, didn’t matter what shape for Cianna to stick, Maya enjoyed the freedom of just being able to cut anything and no need for it to be perfect… Mattea even enjoyed watching it and didn’t grumble about tummy time…

The moral of this story is the simplest things can bring so much pleasure and sanity, and also don’t and I say this with love don’t let them over sleep ???


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