Family Masterpiece Part 2

After all the splattering it was finally complete… it turned out way beyond anything I could have ever expected… there is truly something perfectly perfect about imperfect art..!! Each one was so unique and so individual and perfectly imperfect… just like my three girls all from the same mould but each one so

unique and special in their own way…

Painting like Jackson pollock taught me a lesson, that is letting go and just letting it be can result in the most beautiful pieces of art.. something about just going for it and throwing the paint and knowing where ever it lands is where it’s meant to be… this was my lesson from this piece… with trying to juggle my three kids and everything that comes with it and being over neurotic about every small thing can drain you till you are no good to yourself and those around you.. so thank you Jackson Pollock after this masterpiece I am more conscious about letting go and trusting that God gave me three girls for a reason and he knows am the perfect mom for them despite my imperfections and when I feel at my weakest (like after a 20 minute tear session over a balloon) that his grace is enough and will see me through this time..

And to remember that “and this too shall pass” so to enjoy it before it’s all over… easier said than done I know but I hung up my art piece next to my desk to remind me sometimes just let go and trust in Gods plans…the paint lands where it’s meant to be and am where am meant to be…and have it as a constant reminder that am not in this alone, I don’t have to be super woman and do it all..! It’s ok for me to ask for help that’s what family is for… and I do have my family, and they can help… after all it takes a village to raise a child they say, and this couldn’t be more true..!

And so marks the beginning of my perfectly imperfect art journey…To find out how to create your own family Masterpiece check out my “how to create a Family Masterpiece” post xx


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